2015 Edmonton & Region Household Travel Survey

Travel icons, walking, cycling, bus and car


Many tracks. Many directions.

Travel icons, walking, cycling, bus and car

The goal of this study is to understand where people are going and how they get there – by foot, bicycle, transit or vehicle. The results will help the City of Edmonton and the communities in the Capital Region to:

  • Make wise spending decisions around transportation
  • Prioritize and design roads/overpasses
  • Devise detour strategies
  • Plan future LRT, transit and bicycle routes
  • Guide regional transit
  • Shape transportation policy
  • Identify travel trends
  • Analyze travel patterns and behaviour
  • Assist with emissions forecasting

An independent Edmonton-based research firm, R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd., has been contracted to conduct the survey.

What's involved?

Step 1: Sign Up

Invited households sign up using the Login ID on their invitation letter, and tell us about their household.

Step 2: Record Travel

Households are assigned a one-day travel period and each member of the household is asked to record the following information in a Travel Log.

  • Where they went
  • How they got there
  • Activities at each place

Step 3: Tell us

Households are asked to enter the data online or by phone.

As an innovative element in the 2015 survey, a select group of participants will also collect data using a GPS smart phone application during their travel day, which will provide enhanced data around travel patterns.

Who is eligible?

We’ve randomly selected households from across the Capital Region to participate, in order to get a statistically reliable representation of residents and their travel patterns. Only those who have received notices in the mail will be able to participate.

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